Sometimes rules need to be broken!

​Rowdy, Callie and Prince Charlie

The adorable Parson's Russell Terrier snuggling with Rowdy, came for a visit in April 2019 and is still here! We adopted her!  She's the big sister Rowdy always wanted.  And, Charlie, the Royal Prince, as we say, is a neighbor, a friend and a snuggle-mate too. He's moved on to doggie heaven but we wanted to leave his picture here.

"Rowdy and his friends at Bainbridge Dog Inn"............

                 Ready to roll.

​    Pippa, Addie, Daisy and Cal 

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...and speaking of royalty!

​If it looks like we snuggle a lot here, that's because we do!     Rowdy & Cali

Kate & Rowdy at Battle Point Park